Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic is great fun for everyone. Sure, it actually does work. You freeze the cubes, which are filled with organic salt water. Salt water stops at a much lower heat, then regular h2o. So, when you shake the liquid while using cubs, it does utilize slush. The cup is like a thermal cup, and is also great for keeping that coffee cold. It does get anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minute of banging, for the liquid to change to slush.

slushy maker

Making slushy products are fun for everyone. Perhaps, small children can use this phenomenal cup. They can make the slushy drinks without mum or dad’s help. You don't have to use a blender, to produce cold refreshing products. You can use just about any type of drink, with the mug. You can even add a minor fruit, to make them much healthier. It does not water along your drink. It’s secure and reusable. It comes with a lid. Therefore, if the kids don't finish their beverage. You can stick it within the refrigerator, for later. You can even use the glass as a thermal pot. Best of all, it’s easier to thoroughly clean, then the blender.

Slushy miraculous ice cubes are not dishwasher safe. You should not try to make alcoholic slushy, with the slushy miracle cup. Be careful, when you use carbonated drinks. Guarantee the lid is upon tight. You should allow carbonated drinks go flat, before with these in the magic cup.

Children and adults both much like the slushy magic cup. They're a great way, to make a tasty cold treat, year-round. Perhaps the youngest child, may use it, on their own. They've got lots of fun, converting their bodies into a slushy producing machine, just by bouncing up and down. Moms enjoy the slushy magic glass, because they know, what is going into their kids treats. Cleanup of the pot is easy. Moms can let their youngsters, make slushy drinks, the whole day.

Slushy Magic


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